About Us

Jen Walklate


I’m Jen, and I am the main organiser for Muse From Nowhere. I work at the University of Aberdeen as a Lecturer and Curatorial Fellow in Museum Studies, where I teach courses on Museums and the Digital World, and lead the dissertation option. I also like researching the connections between museums and other cultural performances, and am a documentation nerd.

Jen Bergevin


Dr Jennifer Bergevin is a Teaching Fellow at the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester where she designs and develops the School’s distance learning programmes. She has a keen interest in the ways in which museum studies pedagogy can embed anti-racism and other inclusive practices and work with practitioners to better meet the needs of a rapidly changing sector.

Neil Curtis


Neil is the Head of Museums and Special Collections At the University of Aberdeen. He is particularly interested in the ethics of repatration and the treatment of human remains.

Maria Paula Arias


Maria Paula Arias is a third-year PhD Student at the University of Manchester. Her research aims to understand the potential impact of social media to museum brands. She is an advocate for ethical research methodologies, particularly in cases that use social media data and other similar digital technologies. Maria’s Twitter handle is @ariasmariap

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