About Unconferences

An Unconference is not like a traditional conference, where papers are presented in a series.

Instead, an unconference promotes discussion by groups of people around particular themes. The Unconference format is beleived to have originated in the tech industry of the 1980s, with events such as Open Space Technology and FooCamp.

When run in person, they usually have no preset agenda, with topics for discussion decided on the day. As Muse from Nowhere is running online, we thought it would be easier to gather submissions and vote on them beforehand, so we could get the conversation going as soon as we enter the virtual room.

The fundamental idea is to hold space for conversation, to be initiated by anyone who cares to do so. The only requirements on topics are that they be respectful and empathetic. If you wish to submit a topic for discussion, please go to the submissions page.

Topics submitted for discussion will be voted upon by potential attendees. You will be able to vote here, using a Google Form, when the programme page goes live.

The final programme will be available by mid August.

When booking a place, you will be able to note which rooms you would like to attend. Booking is open through Eventbrite.

Rooms and attendance at them will be moderated. If you would like to volunteer as a moderator, please contact us at jennifer.walklate@abdn.ac.uk

Further information about Unconferences can be found at the following links:

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