Museum Learning and The Earth Crisis

It was a pleasure to speak as part of MuseUnconference back in August to provoke a discussion about how museums might rethink their learning and public engagement in the context of an Earth crisis. This blogpost – a little delayed – sums up what I said, what participants contributed, and a few thoughts in reflection. Continue reading “Museum Learning and The Earth Crisis”

Neurodiverse Networking for Museum Professionals

This blog post was written by one of the leaders of the Neurodiverse Networking for Museum Professionals Session, Lisa Collinson. Muse from Nowhere is grateful to the participants in this workshop for their thoughtful, accessible and meaningful contribution. The process of developing the Unconference session ‘Neurodiverse networking for museum people’ was, like the writing ofContinue reading “Neurodiverse Networking for Museum Professionals”

What and Why? Welcome to Muse from Nowhere

This is the first post here on the Muse from Nowhere Blog. We’re hoping that you’re well. These are strange times, and the museum community, amongst others, has been hit by closures, furloughs, and cancelled events. Muse from Nowhere was intended to ‘make up for’ some of those cancelled events by offering the opportunity toContinue reading “What and Why? Welcome to Muse from Nowhere”